NHL Tweetup is an international tweetup with several locations. Join us and celebrate hockey!

Thanks to all of the following people who helped make this possible:

NYC (Main event)

@dani3boyz (Concept and promoter)

@umassdilo (NHL promotion and media)

Anaheim – @LockOnRyan9

Atlanta – @wazzupwitchu

Belfast, North Ireland – @kezbat

Boston – @heironymus and @sarah_connors

Chicago – @chiblackhawks

Chicago – Red Wings fans – @mikepilarz

Cincinnati – @hockeyisgood

Columbus – @bluejacketsbuzz

Denver – @voteforgrant

Detroit – @cjsier

Edmonton – @rockarts

Hamilton, New Zealand – @kiwi05

Hartford – @DefendingBigD

Montreal – @all_habs

Nashville – @amypredsfan and @stackiii

Orlando – @icejunkies

Philadelphia – @eklund

Pittsburgh – @kicksave20 (Awesome logo and name tags) and @RockinPRGirl

Regina, Sask – @nhldigest

San Jose – @mediaphyter and @janemcmurry

Seattle – @chollis

St. John, NB – @cnadeau and @anadeau

Toronto – @goaliegirl (also NHLTweetup.com hosting and admin)

Vancouver – @mozy19

Washington, DC – @lorirusso and @sweetestofdekes

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