#NHLtweetup Long Island – All Fans!

#NHLtweetup Long Island – All Fans!

You’ve all heard about southern hospitality but as you’ve seen, when a hockey tweep visits the NY area, we also get together to show them a good time and make them feel welcome.

Our Nashville friend, @TheViewfrom111 (Mark), will be here Monday, February 8th and we need to give him a dose of Tri-State Area hospitality.

Meet us at Champions (in the Uniondale Marriott across from Nassau Coliseum) for hockey talk outside of the 140 limits, drinks, appetizers and lots of laughs. There are five NHL games on that night which we’ll be watching on a few of their 30 big screen tvs.

Champions is a great place for us to get together with its sporty atmosphere. The bar is decorated with over 250 peices of sports memorabilia and it’s not uncommon to be drinking and dining amongst NHL players when they’re in town for a game.

You can see their menu here.

Drink specials include:

$5 top-shelf cocktails

$20 bucket (5 domestic beers)

$25 bucket (5 imported beers)

Mark probably won’t be up this way again any time soon so don’t miss out on this chance to show him how we #NHLtweetup around here. We’ll be there from 6:30p until they throw us out. Hope to see you there!

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