#NHLtweetup – Ottawa

#NHLtweetup – Ottawa

posted on behalf of @sabotek

The 1st NHLtweetup in Ottawa!

Hey Hockey fans! Ottawa is having its first NHLtweetup of the 2009/2010 season on November 21st, 2009.

For the inaugural event we are being joined by @MCARTER82, a huge Sens fan who is coming all the way from London, England. The event will be hosted by @sabotek a huge Habs fan from Montreal who also loves the Sens.

The Ottawa Senators host The Buffalo Sabres, so for those of you who can’t get out to the live game at Scotiabank place come join us at O’Conner’s Irish Pub in Kanata. For those of you lucky enough to be going to the game, stop by beforehand and join us for a pint. O’Conner’s is just a 5 min drive from the arena.

The same night The Montreal Canadiens host The Detroit Red Wings. The pub will be showing the Sens game on all screens and tvs but we will also have the Montreal game playing on another screen (which is more interesting if enough Habs’ fans show up).

Come join us for a fun evening among your hockey tweeps watching the Habs and the Sens, while enjoying refreshing drinks, good food, and undoubtedly great conversation – no matter which team you support.


O’Conner’s Irish Pub is located just off highway 417, accessible from either the Castlefrank or Terry Fox exit in the Kanata City Walk Centrum Shopping Centre just across from the AMC theatres. Since the pub is located in the walking area of the plaza, the closest place for parking is near the AMC theatres or in the parking lot behind Best Buy.

Public Transportation

The pub is accessible by Octranspo buses and a short walk from the Terry Fox Transitway Station. The Terry Fox Transitway Station offers frequent Transitway service downtown on Route 96, cross-town service on Route 118, local Kanata service on routes 160, 161, 165 and 658, and direct service to the Corel Centre on route 404.


For those of you coming in from out of town the Holiday Inn Select® Hotel & Suites Ottawa Kanata is located within walking distance.

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